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If you are having any problem with Nova, we have set up a section of Frequently Asked Questions to solve all your doubts.


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Why is it important to know the data and analytics of my site?

Using analytics and data recollection tools for your site will help you optimize it in order to know vital information about how is it that your clients navigate your page and this can be useful to offer a better user experience and generate more conversions.

Which tools can recollect the data from my page?

There are many tools that can help you recollect information about your site, the advantage of using Nova is that with just a single integration you can use the six different tools that we offer, all from a single dashboard.

What is Nova?

Nova is an all-in-one platform created to help you understand how your users interact with your platform by presenting you statistics, heatmaps, funnels and giving you the choice to create your own to have a better understanding of how your users navigate your site.

How does Nova work?

Nova analyzes how your users interact with your platform on a normal day basis in order to identify the different patterns and processes they complete. Once Nova has identified these processes, now it can give you useful insights to understand your user's behavior.

How can I create my Nova account?

Creating an account is very easy! Just complete the required information, select your Subscription Plan and confirm your new account via email in order to start using Nova. As well, you can create your account by using your Facebook, Twitter or Google account.

Will Nova slow down my page?

No, all the data processing that Nova requires take place at our own servers, that way it won’t interfere with how your page works.

Why has Nova stopped tracking information?

There can be a couple of reasons why Nova is not tracking any information. The tracking could have been disabled, you can easily enable it at your Site Configuration. Other reason could be that the tracking script hasn’t been installed on the corresponding page that you want to track, we recommend you double-check that you are installing the script right on the page you want to track. Or maybe the platform has been deleted from Nova and that is why it can not read any tracking information. If you are having any other trouble to track your page, feel free to send us an email with the details to and will happily help you.

Can Nova work in a Single Page App?

Yes, but maybe there will be weird information, because the way Nova identifies the different steps of a process is by following the sequence of the different URLs that a user visits to complete a process. We are working to improve this for you!

Will Nova still track a page if it doesn’t have any user traffic?

Yes, Nova will keep tracking a page even if it does not receive any user visits.

Can I add other members of my team to see the information?

Yes! You can add different members of your team to administer your platform and Nova and even assign different roles and permits to do so.


What are the main features of Nova?

The main features that can be used in Nova to start understanding your user’s interaction are Statistics, Heatmaps, Funnels, Process Roadmap, Feedback and Guided Tours.

How are the Guide Tours generated?

The Guide Tours are generated after Nova has analyzed how your users interact with your page and that way it can identify the different steps needed to accomplish a process.

What is the Learning Mode?

The Learning Mode is when you want Nova to learn just from one user interaction in specific, this way you can assign a single user the authorization to teach Nova how a process has to be made and based on this teaching Nova will learn the process.

Can I manually create a Funnel?

Yes but to do so first you have to set up a process.

Why did the process create an impossible path?

As Nova learns based on what the vast majority of the users do, if a big amount of users repeat a process even if it is not in the right way, Nova will show it as the process to be followed. You can set up a Learning Mode in which you can assign someone to directly teach Nova how to perform a process the right way.

How long will it take to see the results of my pages?

The page results will show up 24 hours after your platform has been registered and it has started to get users interactions and the process roadmap has been created. After that, every 24 hours it will be updated.



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